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The Chamber of Lawyers of the Samara Region, in the framework of the program of advanced training of lawyers, held a training event for lawyers with experience of up to one year on March 2-5.

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The program included a wide variety of topics,

- Evidence in a jury trial;
- The tactics of a criminal lawyer;
- The work of a lawyer in the preliminary investigation;
- Regulation of family disputes related to parenting;
- Lawyer dossier (proceedings). Legal position;
- Fundamentals of legal management;
- Interaction of a lawyer with public authorities.

These questions were highlighted for the attorneys by D.A. Taraborin, T.D. Butovchenko, O.N. Dzhumaeva, K.V. Shamanova, S.I. Karpov, A.M. Izosimov.

The features of the lawyer when using the polygraph in the criminal process and the activities of legal entities were discussed with the audience by N.N. Askov - doctor - psychiatrist, practicing lawyer, expert polygraph examiner.

Actual issues of modern civil procedural legislation was covered by A.I. Rosenzweig - Ph.D. in Law, Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Law, Samara National Research University named after Academician SP Korolev.

A survey of students conducted according to the results of the training event “set” maximum scores for almost all lecturers.

Managing partner of the Law Office “Karpov, Taraborin and Partners”, Dmitry Taraborin:
The seminar began with a discussion of the issue in which cases the choice of a jury is preferable, and when it is best to trust a professional judge. The questions of the formation of the jury, the order and grounds of the challenge statement, the content of the opening statement of the defense counsel were investigated. I note that the seminar participants actively participated in the discussion, asked questions, expressed their own opinions. Separately discussed tactics of interrogation of witnesses, including those whose data was classified for security reasons. He called on his colleagues to maximize the popularization of the jury, to promote its development and to choose, in cases provided for by law, this particular type of legal procedure.

PASO President, Tatyana Butovchenko:
Sharing experience with young colleagues is a concern for the quality of future advocacy. Skills combined with in-depth knowledge make the lawyer a true professional.

I have never heard an answer: “No” to a proposal to share best practices in the technique of compiling a lawyer dossier. The case can be "digitized" (all 200, 500, 1000 volumes), but not be able to navigate it. The presence of a full copy on a flash drive does not indicate that the lawyer knows the materials. The possession of the information contained in the case must be thorough and even more detailed than other participants in the process. Filigree requires the development of protection tactics, which allows to protect the interests of the principal as much as possible without entering into conflict with him and “honoring the criminal code”. A discussion of the intricacies of the profession of advocate advocate is always accompanied by many questions from the audience.

Participation in the seminar allowed 47 PASO lawyers to comply with the 40-hour Professional Development Standard.

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