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The work of the Qualification Commission is a sick and burning topic for most of the regional chambers and for the Federal Chamber of Advocates, which is taking active steps to unify disciplinary practices. For this purpose, at the initiative of the FPA, training events are held to exchange experience for lawyers working in the Qualification Commissions.

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In 2016, the Bar of the City of Moscow met for the first time representatives of the regions at a meeting of its Qualification Commission. 

The Chamber of Lawyers of the Samara Region was the next regional chamber to which the RF FPA was charged with conducting a training event of this kind. 

In favor of the Samara region, the choice of the FPA was made not accidentally: PASO takes a leading position among regional chambers for the organization of disciplinary practice. More than 60 participants of the seminar who came from 37 regions of the Russian Federation, including the Stavropol and Altai Territories, Leningrad, Smolensk, Irkutsk and Amur regions, the Republic of Dagestan and Adygea, the Republic of Khakassia and Sakhalin, could see this personally. 

The event began with a direct Moscow-Samara TV bridge, during which the President of the Federal Chamber of Advocates of the Russian Federation, Yu.S. Pilipenko appealed to the participants in the conference hall of the Chamber of Advocates of the Samara region with a proposal to discuss a number of the most important components of advocacy and wished everyone professional success. 

The technical equipment of the PASO allowed the participants of the seminar, who were in the lecture hall, to watch everything happening in the adjacent room where the meeting of the Qualification Commission took place on-line on a huge LED screen. Those present had the opportunity to ask questions to the moderator of the seminar - A.V. Suchkov, discuss the details of the work, comment on what is happening, share opinions, without interfering with the work of the Qualification Commission. 

In accordance with the agenda: on September 14, from 11.00 to 13.00, the commission examined ten status applicants, nine of which passed the test successfully. The participants noted the good preparation and high level of knowledge of the graduates of the School of young lawyers - this initiative of PASO caused genuine interest and desire to introduce similar experience in their regions from the heads of regional chambers. 

A record rapid examination of disciplinary proceedings at the next stage of the work of the Qualification Commission (42 disciplinary proceedings in 2 hours!) Made a furore in the hall. So, for 10 minutes, while the seminar participants watched the film "Ideas. Beginning. Experience ", the commission held, so-called," scraping vote "for 14 disciplinary proceedings related to the failure of lawyers to fulfill their obligations under monthly deductions for membership fees for the general needs of the Bar. 

Information: Information on debtors is formed in PASO automatically for each last day of the current month and is documented with the electronic notification of the lawyer about the movement of disciplinary proceedings. 

Further for each disciplinary case, the participants of which appeared at the meeting, Т.D. Butovchenko personally reported the available materials, commission members interviewed the applicants, lawyers and their representatives. After the vote, the lawyer was declared by the majority of votes the conclusion of the commission. According to TD. Butovchenko, the operational work of the Qualification Commission is facilitated by the active use of data from the automated information system "Advocacy", which instantly issues the requested information. 

The draft opinion is sent electronically to all members of the commission, three days are allocated for making changes to it, after which a final document is produced. As the President of PASO put it figuratively: "All the fans of the Internet are in our ward, so the procedure for considering disciplinary proceedings is close to considering cases in arbitration court, although occasionally we are similar to courts of general jurisdiction." 

15 disciplinary cases were considered by the Qualification Commission in a "special order" following the results of a comprehensive review of the work of lawyers in cases on purpose. 

Information: According to the decision of the PASO Council, all lawyers participating in the stages of inquiry, investigation and trial on the basis of Art. 50 of the Code of Criminal Procedure and art. 50 of the Code of Civil Procedure of the Russian Federation are obliged to submit a dossier for a certain period for review to the appointed members of the Council and the Qualification Commission. By the end of the audit, sooner or later, all lawyers who are working according to their designation will fall. Inspectors make a preliminary opinion about the presence or absence of claims to the quality of the work of a lawyer, its compliance with the Standard for the participation of defense counsel in criminal proceedings. The lawyer gets acquainted with the findings in advance. If there is no objection, the Qualification Commission shall give a conclusion that corresponds to the conclusions of the auditor. If the lawyer has objections that he can make in advance or during the examination, disciplinary proceedings are postponed and must be considered at the next meeting of the commission "in the general order". 

When examining disciplinary cases, the commission investigates written evidence, information about the date, hour and minute of the request from the Center for the SPL by the investigator, investigator, judge, acceptance by his lawyer, listens to the audio records of the lawyer's and client's talks submitted by the applicants, other evidence provided by the participants in the disciplinary proceedings. 

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