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On June 3, exams were held at the School of Young Lawyers of the Chamber of Lawyers of the Samara Region. In accordance with the rules of the School, students undergo internal intermediate certification on the results of the first half of the year of study, and upon completion of the entire one-year course - the final exam. Both examinations in the format are as close as possible to the qualifying exam. The commission is headed by the President of PASO, ETC. Butovchenko listened to the oral responses of 24 students of the Samara School of Young Lawyers and its Togliatti branch.

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The Nineteenth (Regular) Annual Conference of Lawyers of the Samara Region is an example of the openness and well-coordinated work of the Chamber of Advocates, whose authority in the region is indisputable. All those who considered it impossible to miss the main corporate event of the year took part in the conference. The voting results are impressive: on five major issues on the agenda, only two hands were raised “against” the proposed decision, and once a delegate refrained from expressing an opinion. Any political party could envy such corporate unity!

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On May 27, 2019, the PASO Council meeting held on the eve of the Nineteenth (Regular) Annual Conference of Advocates of the Samara Region opened with an oath: applicants who successfully passed the exam for conferring the status of advocate swore allegiance to the lawyer’s duty.

In accordance with the agenda of the meeting, the PASO Council, on a personal request, terminated the status of four lawyers and suspended it - one.

Seven lawyers have been credited with documented advanced training in the types and forms established by decisions of the Council of the RFPA and the Council of PASO.


On October 30, an introductory lecture before the business game “DEBATES” took place at the School of Young Lawyers.

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The Council reviewed 157 agenda items.

The meeting opened with the procedure for awarding representatives of the Chamber of Lawyers of the Samara Region, who provided legal support for the organization and conduct of the World Cup.

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11.10.2018 a meeting of the Qualification Commission of the Chamber of Lawyers of the Samara Region was held.


93 disciplinary proceedings were reviewed; 20 lawyers and 8 applicants took part in the proceedings, who came to the meeting to defend their position:

- in 13 cases, the actions of attorneys found violations of the legislation regulating advocacy and (or) inadequate fulfillment of obligations to the principal, non-execution of decisions of the bodies of attorney self-government;

- 20 lawyers were found guilty of non-fulfillment of the obligation of monthly payments to the maintenance of the Bar of Attorneys;

- 8 disciplinary proceedings were terminated due to the proper performance of professional duties, one due to the withdrawal of the complaint

- two - set aside for additional evidence collection, study of the documents submitted to the commission.


At the regular meeting of the Council of the Chamber of Lawyers of the Samara Region, a number of important issues were considered.

As the President of the PA of the Samara region, Tatyana Butovchenko, said, the Procedure for providing free legal assistance by PASO lawyers was approved, decisions were made on disciplinary proceedings, an oath was taken from applicants who had successfully passed the qualification exam, and nominated a candidate for the Lawyer of the Year award in the Samara region.



On September 27, a meeting of the PASO Council was held.

Applicants who have successfully passed the qualifying exam, took the oath of allegiance to lawyer duty:


The Chamber of Advocates of the Samara Region informs about the issue of the next issue of the journal "Vestnik PASO", the electronic version of which is available on the official website www.paso.ru

A printed version of the publication can be obtained from the Chamber of Advocates after September 25, 2018.

ISSUE NUMBER 3 (54) 2018
Выпуск 3(54)2018

The victory of Bashkir sportsmen ended with the open championship of Russia in mini-football among lawyers

President of the Federal Chamber of Lawyers Yuri Pilipenko, heads of regional advocates' chambers and representatives of the Advocatskaya Gazeta presented cups, medals and other awards to the winners and prize-winners of the 8th Russian mini-football championship among lawyers, as well as to the best players of this tournament.


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Today in Moscow, the All-Russian Mini-Football Championship among lawyers for the prize of the "New Lawyer's newspaper."

The Chamber of Advocates of the Samara Region is represented at the tournament by a team composed of Dmitry Golenkov (team captain), Andrey Fadeev, Mikhail Shramko, Roman Chizhov, Alexander Sizonenko, Stas Borisov, Vadim Bikchurin, Andrei Ilyasov, Dmitry Gorelik.

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Continuing education seminar in Tolyatti


Conference meeting for the election of delegates from small lawyers


Twentieth (regular) annual conference of lawyers of the Samara region

Issue number 1 (59) 2020
1 59 2020


Bulletin of the Bar of Samara region